Another Attempt to Get Back in the Saddle

Funny thing about taking a hiatus from something like blogging... you never know quite how to begin again. It's not like there is any shortage of material. Fletch-monster still does and says crazy sh*t. O-Dog is still handsome and sensitive. Serpico is doing all that baby sh*t that makes people go awwww. Then there are all the ongoings in the nation and the world that can raise an eyebrow and cause a blogger to go ape-sh*t, writing a 1,500 diatribe about some shoeless Muslim newshound throwing his Hush Puppies at Dubya. Nope. I'm also not going off on that well-coiffed public servant from Illinois any more press.

I'll keep it simple.

I had one of those instances that usually have me scratching my head, thinking "Why didn't I think of that first?" Only this time, I did think of it first.


  1. Purchase a child's t-shirt
  2. Purchase package of iron-on transfers
  3. Download this graphic
Print on your inkjet printer and apply to the garment, following instructions

4.Throw the shirt on the young 'un.
5. Spend 48 minutes trying to explain to the missus why you don't think it's inappropriate.

Or you can skip the last step and just print one for yourself.

Optional step - Take digital picture and send it to yours truly...