Sub-Zero Memories

5.  Going sledding in Delaware park with my family.  Sat there shivering... Dad notices the only thing I wore under my winter coat was a flimsy t-shirt... Dad says, "Jesus.  Are you stupid or something?" as he takes off his own sweater and puts it on me.

4.  Getting a ride home in my friends' cold mini-van and convulsing to the point that it felt my guts were being wrenched.  

3. Walking, sans gloves, with my brother to buy milk from a vending machine, circa 1977, and coming home crying.  This prompts my mother to rush me to the sink, running water over my hands and rubbing to re-vive my frozen digits.

2.  Being stranded in Buffalo General hospital during a snow storm eight years ago.  Cars are buried under a couple feet of snow.  While watching everyone dig their cars out, I get an epiphany - I turn to my brother and say, "Dude, we can take the subway home and walk to my apartment."  Probably the only time I found that subway handy.

1.  Walking home in 5th grade with a wad of Bazooka Joe chewing gum in my mouth.  I blew a sizable bubble... it falls from my lips - I watch the bubble fall and shatter on the sidewalk into a thousand pieces as if it were a light bulb.

Nothing more life-affirming than winter.