I know that my mouth will go on.

It's very difficult to find yourself in agreement with someone, despite their good intentions, when they unravel and eschew reason and clarity for the guise of fervor and 'passion'.


Meghan said...

Yeah, the woman is like that. I can't decide whether to love her or hate her but I am leaning towards hating her.
She thinks her kid is the second coming of Christ, and that guy she married is just plain creepy.

But then, Sometimes I don't mind her. I like what she said, just not the hysteria she chose to relay it with. What can you do? She is Celine? She's bananas man.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a big fan of Celine Dion. I like and respect her even more after her appearance on Larry King. I also enjoy your Blog. Keep up the good work Mr. Prego!