For Those About to Rock...

Roundtabler Lauren Poulin poses an interesting question this week. She posits that one's first concert experience says a lot about an individual.

Mine was a college show at age 17, featuring a local band called the SplatCats and a Rochester, NY band called the Chesterfield Kings. I have no idea what that would say about me, except that I was too poor to pay $19.50 for Judas Priest and instead had to settle for the $7 gigs ($5 for students).

We all know what the last concert we went to says about us, though. For example:

If you uttered the phrase,"Woooh! Play 'Whipping Post,' and I'll get my homely wife to show you her t*ts!" it indicates that you drive a rusty 1986 Dodge Charger and own the Collector's Edition of "Barb Wire" with bonus deleted scenes.

If at the last concert you attended, the words, "I was into them before they got huge," escaped your big yap, it means your mother is sick of warehousing you and your 2,302 LPs, so get them the f*ck out of what she hopes will become her sewing room.

If you used Aquanet to get ready for your last concert, Bobby Vinton thought you were 'special' and didn't tell a soul that you have 1970's bush and Metamucil breath.

Head on over to Lauren's if you like, to get in on the rock chat!


keda said...

well i was dragged to lots of concerts by my hippy parents during the early 70's but as my mums not speaking to me at the mo i can't confirm exactly who we saw. my first of my choice was to see adam and the ants aged 11. dressed up of course. i met my first boyfriend there too.

Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing Lauren's link! It's great to read all of the memories of first concerts. It made a big impression on me, and to think that I saw my first show before I ever kissed a boy - not very rock and roll.

Claude said...

You could't necessarily call it a concert, but the first band I saw live was my uncle's. The only song I remember them playing was "Happy Together". Being a little kid at the time, when I heard it on the radio for awhile after that I thought it was my uncle's band on the radio.

Somehow I got almost all the way through high school and college without seeing a concert. Then it was Foreigner and the Allman Brothers, a few weeks apart, in 1986, at the Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island. There are no bad seats at that venue.

The last concert I saw was Radiohead at the Meriweather Post Pavilion. It was a great show, despite (or perhaps because of) the relative lack of "hit" songs played.

Pickalish said...

You'll love this...the last concert I saw was the Eagles Farewell Tour. =) Does that make me a total nerd? If it does, I don't care, I had press box seats, and it was a stellar show. So there.

Maryanne said...

I've been to several concerts in my life. The first was good old Frank Zappa's. Next up was Foghat, Foreigner, Heart, Kansas and The Stones to name a few. Figure out how old I am yet? The lamest ones were Michael Bolton and Bob Carlisle (Butterfly Kisses), don't ask.
Now because of my family's unrelenting desire to tell my kids how many I've been to, they feel I should accompany them to the bands they currently pay homeage to like Fallout Boy, Taking Back Sunday and others. I am in therapy for having recently acquired a fear of the mosh pit!

shpprgrl said...

The first concert I ever went to was Rick Springfield. My mom took us because we couldn't drive. My last concert was recently, Bon Jovi. Yes, I loved them before they were big and I have LP's to prove it...which are no longer at my mom's. I preferred Rave hairspray once upon a time. Funny post!

Anonymous said...

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