Saturday Night Four Play - Volume 2

When most people are asked what kind of music they like a typical response is, "I pretty much like everything, except country." On the whole, I'd usually agree, though it's difficult and somewhat ignorant to dismiss an entire genre of music.

Yeah, most backwater country sucks ass. You won't get too much of an argument from me, but as they say, there are exceptions to every rule.

This week's four-play features an artist most music snobs are familiar with, but the general public may not recognize. Maybe it's because of his early demise (somewhat unceremoniously with an ice cube jammed up his ass). Here's the story of a rich Florida kid with big dreams of stardom. He got a little, but unfortunately along with it came a somewhat fatal drug habit. Dumb ass...

Gram Parsons (1946-1973), country-rock legend, rode the wrong kind of horse. Before his smack addled corpse dropped dead somewhere in Yucca Valley, California, he left a few good sh*t-kickin' country rock albums behind - in collaboration with The Byrds, in the Flying Burrito Brothers and a couple of solo efforts.

Peel open a can of Pabst, kick the dog, beat the wife and gas up the truck. Most of all, enjoy.

Flying Burrito Brothers Christine's Tune
Flying Burrito Brothers Sin City

Gram Parsons A Song For You
Gram Parsons Ooh Las Vegas


shpprgrl said...

I will listen to just about anything, even country. I'm trying to make sure I'm setting a good example for my kiddo. It gives me great pleasure that she knows so much about music. Though she doesn't really care for my favorite group. (I think she's afraid if they show up at the front door, I'm gone.) ;)

Anonymous said...

For me, it's anything but rap, most rap.

And I'm partial to FBB's Colorado.

Thanks for the tunes dude. I now have a folder in "My Music" just for "Prego" downloads.

Dale said...

I've just started listening to a bit of Gram Parsons. He fits in nicely between Grace Jones and Green Day. When someone finds out I like opera, they usually tell me they like everything but opera. And rap. And country. And you know the rest of that tune.

Nice interview with Bella by the way.

keda said...

ooh i used to say that but now i love a bit 'o country.
i'm more against 'crap r&b' myself. fuckin alicia keys. ooh or i like everything but james blunt/celine dion.
i've got more specific in my dotage.

thanks for the new tunes. ooh las vegas was my fave.