Elvis & Priscilla

I started this little tradition a few years ago, just for sh*ts and giggles. Kind of a little brainteaser for new brides and grooms. Whenever we arrive at a reception, I head over to the guest book to sign. Sometimes they have that 80 page lacy thing they spent $30-$60 only to have the first three pages filled with garden variety monikers like Aunt Tilly and Uncle Milt from Kalamazoo or Stan and Vicky Mieskiewicz.

After the second or third "Mr. & Mrs. Prego" I decided to have a little fun. I'm sure there have been friends and acquaintances puzzled, wondering:

Fred and Ethel Mertz?!

Mother Teresa and Mohandas Ghandi?

Tito Puente and Celia Cruz?

or most recently...

Bride: Who the heck are Lou Reed and Nico?
Groom: I think that's Uncle Milt's stepson and his "partner."

My favourite are those frames with the large white matte, placed prominently on a newlywed couple's mantle with the signatures of Guy LaFleur and Manon Rheaume. I added the little touch of the Montreal Canadiens logo underneath.

A savvy friend or relative might use process of elimination to figure it out, but it's not likely since not everybody gets around to signing it, and nobody's 'outed' us. Maybe next weekend -- my friend's a bit of a rock fan. So who will it be?

John Doe and Exene Cervenka?
Johnny Cash and June Carter?
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers?

The possibilities are endless, but I'm open to suggestions.


~A~ said...

I'm so bummed that all my friends are married peoples.

But I'll keep this in mind if I ever come across another guestbook in my life.

~A~ said...

I'm so bummed that all my friends are married peoples.

But I'll keep this in mind if I ever come across another guestbook in my life.

~A~ said...

Stupid ass blogger. I know I didn't post that twice. F*cktard

Carrie said...

Yeah your comments are weird. I couldn't comment on the last post either.

But anyway, why can't anyone get married around my parts because I would be ren & stimpy.

archshrk said...

For those of you who don't go to many weddings, you can practice at Rubio's Mexican Grill.

Atul said...

Great idea.

How about using "The people who crashed your wedding." or say something like "Your secret admirer", (although that might lead to trouble).

sage said...

sorry to disappoint you Mr Lou Reed, or Pergo, or who ever you are, but most of those books are packed away and never looked at again... or maybe that's just me, for I'm sure that somewhere there's a couple that really does turn off Monday Night Football or sits down on their walk on the wild side and gets out the wedding registry

keda said...

now if everyone did that it might actually be worth getting a proper wedding wiv guests 'n shit.

my last (and only) wedding i considered putting a false name myself. and as elvis was the only guest there wasn't much need for a book. though he was a fake which sort of qualifies i guess.

surcie said...

This is exactly what we need--ways guests can make weddings more fun.

Mary Kay & Vili Fualaau