Saturday Night Four Play! - Volume 7

Well... It looks like the missuz ain't in a family way. Thanks for those crossing fingers and well-wishin', but the menses be flowin'. She's out tying one on with her friend tonight, since I guess there's no fetus to damage.

We're not really disappointed or anything. We're in the 'if it happens, it happens' mind frame. The O-Dog and the Fletchmonster keep us happy, laughing and on our toes. Since my wife's of Irish descent, though, she's got that baby-making apparatus that's supposed to churn one out every 11 months. Me? I'm Hispanic. I'm aiming to embody that '15 in the car' joke white people like to tell.

Because I'm not likely to get any tail tonight, there's no sense in slapping the old smoothies on the turntable this evening. Tonight's featured artists cook things up in an entirely different fashion:

The Delta 72
Add 3 cups frenetic energy
1 steaming organ
1 raw throat
1 fifth of Wild Turkey
1 tbsp R&B
2 tbsp Rock & Roll

Throw in the Cuisinart and pulse like a m*ther-f*cker.

Yields 1 or 2 speeding tickets.

(or a couple broken bed springs)


I Feel Fine
Rich Girls Like to Steal
Get Down
Mainline Pt. 2


Carmi said...

[Carmi bows his head sadly and wishes his friend Prego and his wife much happiness, no matter which way the p tests may go in future.]

keda said...

hmmmm baby. as carmi said.

now i'm gonna listen to the music...

Melany aka Supermom said...

Here's to hoping you get a positive pregnancy test soon.

Jacques Roux said...

WOW, one of the best 4-Plays yet!! Thanks for the tip, I'm headin' out to get myself some o' that!

As far as the p-test, all I can suggest is: practice, practice, practice.

Terri said...

Hi from Michele's.....
Wishing you all the best on future tests.

Sparkling Diamond said...

Hispanic and Irish? Wow, I bet sparks fly in your household! What a passionate pair you must be! When the time is right...it happens :)
Here from Michele's!

Prego said...

Coffee mugs fly a little more often than the sparks do.

Mary Tsao said...

Hey, a good reason to keep makin' that whoopie! But you are a brave man if you want to live with a pregnant woman again. Hey, I didn't even want to live with myself when I was pregnant.

Thanks for the music rec!

~A~ said...

Flying coffee mugs? You sure she's not Scottish? That's my favorite thing to throw.

Minor bummer about the negative. Ever since MH had the big V done (after all 4 of my spawn is all the world can handle) I have to live vicariously through everyone else. But I felt the same way while waiting for the next cloney to implant, if it happens, cool, if not oh well, it's the trying that's fun. Because the birth part sucks.

Last Girl On Earth said...

Hey, sorry about the test. But it sounds like you have the right cure for the ill. Music heals. As Jacques said before me... Practice, Practice, Practice!

Pickalish said...

I've been waiting to hear. Great attitude to have...Here's hoping for another lil' Prego in the future.