Sunday Night Four Play! - Volume 10

A friend of mine who was a concert promoter once quipped that if he booked the Afghan Whigs to play in Buffalo, the only ones who'd show up would be "Prego and every girl he ever dated." Yeah, this might have been an unfair joke at the Whigs expense, who at the time might not have had the drawing power of say, Hootie & the Blowfish. Other than what might have amounted to a 'cult following,' the Whigs were a ripple in an ocean of music.

Their six album tenure yielded some outstanding soulful rock before they hung it up in 2001. Nestled among the rough, acerbic guitar-driven tracks were some silky smooth "touch" songs. They were alternately haunting and 'lovely' at the same time.

From their rendition of the Ass Ponys' "Mr. Superlove," (a wife-beater's lament) to their own "Let Me Lie to You" and it's imagery of infidelities, Greg Dulli & co. deliver some unconventionally romantic music. Three of the four tracks register high on the Prego Mellifluous Test™ by including the word "baby" in their lyrics. That's largely why they made their way onto almost every 'mix tape' I made - hence, my aforementioned friend's theory.

This is one for the Georges Dubœuf...

Mr. Superlove mp3
Let Me Lie to You mp3
When We Two Parted mp3
Faded mp3


Carrie said...

How very interesting.

Sophie T. Mishap said...

Ah...this one is nice. :)