"Stardust" Memories

I got a Christmas present from Apple this week. My iPod took a sh*t, wiping out 8,392 songs. Oh well. My fault for not backing up all the files. Out of the misery, though comes this little bit of sunshine. While rifling through some unlabled discs I found this classic rock video, starring a then two-year-old O-Dog.

Unfortunately, these days he's a little too self-aware to pull off an impromptu performance. Hopefully he'll grow out of this phase soon, since I told him he's one of the last hopes to save rock from the doldrums. He's already enlisted the Flecthmonster to help him do so.

Rock over London! Rock on Chicago!


Carrie said...

I hope you had a great and quiet holiday. Plus all the wonderful days off. I'm back at work and wished that I had looked at your blog before I left for work. It seems my company has banned us from watching video. I'll check it later.


sage said...

wow, that's a lot of songs, I tend to mostly use my ipod for books (and I've learned how to carry photos to show people the kid and my calendar so I don't have to have my laptop.)