God Bless the Goddamned NHL

Well, sort of.

Bless these players.

Though the NHL has attempted to 'frown upon' such theatrics, there is no denying that both the players and fans alike enjoy this spectacle.

There is, as they say, no school like the old school.

It should make for an interesting rematch tonight.

I love bloodthirst.


rob said...

You know...I'd like to tune into a de la Hoya or Holyfield bout only to see the fighters stop what they're doing in the middle of the third round to brake out some sticks and skates and start playing hockey.

keda said...

it is heartwarming to see them all smiling so much.

much better than my love for diving. noone but me smiles when they crack their heads open.

good cleanish team sports. ace.

Jacques Roux said...

Great stuff, nothing like some good clean fisticuff fun!!

Carrie said...

Dang, I hate when I can't see stuff at work.

sage said...

and I thought hockey was boring!

JJisafool said...

Oy, I miss me some hockey. Nobody follows it in the upper left corner. Hard when the closest team is three hours and a border away.

Bruins-Devils series in the 80's, utter bloodbath, lots of good hockey in between, I was in love.