I can't wear my favourite t-shirt in public anymore!

I'll still wear it around the house (at least I'll be able to until the O-Dog learns to read) but I could never pull it off in public. Years ago, when I was a 'punk-rock' kid, I'd wear anything in public. My mom would stand in the door with a broom, yelling "¡No vas a salír de esta casa vestido así!"('You're not leaving this house dressed like that!') Now, that I find myself seeking employment as a school administrator, I don't think wearing a shirt that proclaims that "Mother F*ckers Be Trippin'" is appropriate - regardless of how true the statement is.

In the immortal words of Burton Cummings:

Seasons change and so did I
You need not wonder why
You need not wonder why

Hopefully the change is for the better, but in some ways I doubt it.

Roundtabler SK Waller finds that newfound 'fame' changes 'others' before it change 'you'. I agree in some ways, since last weekend I went to see my old friend's very successful rock band. When I met him backstage, it almost felt like the same dude (with surgical enhancements)... But then again, I felt compelled to say, "Dude, what the f*ck happened? You used to be about the tuuunes..."


~A~ said...

Growing up sucks hind titty.

I find myself loosing my youthful disdain and angst because of the littles.

Joe said...

I don't normally go in for cursing on apparel, but my friend recently bought me a Fuck Bush shirt. That one, I wear.

Karen said...

OK, here's why I act my age and piss everyone off. I absolutely HATE when people wear shirts like this. I think everyone has the right to swear and think whatever they want. But when I'm walking around with my young kids (who are no longer young), they shouldn't have to read stuff like that. But, that's just me.

Here via Michele's.

sage said...

Here from Michele's. I know the feeling. I have some shirts I'll wear when out of town, but not around here.

Juggling Mother said...

We all change. the secret is to at least try to remember how we used to be.

I wouldn't want to be the 18 year old me again (although I wouldn't mind her body & energy), but I hope I won't turn into an intolerant bigoted old idiot either!

And I rarly wear t-shirts like that any more, cos who wants a rebellious middle aged mum? yuk!

here from micheles (kind of)

Linda said...

The most controversial T-shirts I wear say "Wanna Scrap?" and "I got baptized at the Creek". I don't think I ever wore anything like that as a kid...even though I was rebellious!

Having kids and being a grownup with "big" responsibilities sucks!

Michele sent me today.

shpprgrl said...

Your post was a strange flashback for me. I used the same title a couple of days ago for a post. We're sorta in the same boat it seems. Changes can be tough, and definitely affects the old wardrobe....and everything else!

Here from Michele's!

srp said...

My college girl came home and I did her wash. In it was a T-shirt with a not so appropriate slogan. I knew it wouldn't fly with the grandparents so I turned it face down.
She looked through the clothes before going back, came upon the shirt and said "What is this?" I told her I wondered where she got it. "It isn't mine. Where did it come from?" I told her it was in her dirty clothes and asked if it was her roommate's. Apparently, her roommate doesn't have one either.
College kids, who knows whose shirt it is. I don't want to know.
Here from Michele.

Prego said...

Awwww. man. Now you've got to tell me what it said. You can't leave me hangin' like that.

Joe, is your 'F*ck Bush" shirt missing?

netchick said...

Ha! Love the t-shirt! Very cute -- Reminds me of my rebellious times oh so long ago.

Happy Friday, here via Michele's!

Grins said...

Too funny. So tell us, how will you handle it when a student wears a shirt like this? Here via Michele again.

utenzi said...

Are you seriously telling me that you're going to be an example to the young people of Buffalo, Prego? Wow!

I love that quote: "¡No vas a salír de esta casa vestido así!"

Michele sent me to see the old college town, Prego--and you!

surcie said...

Is it me, or does the design look kinda Schoolhouse Rock-ish? I like it, but I don't think a pastor's wife should be seen in those, either.

Prego said...

Yes - they did adapt the Schoolhouse Rock motif in the design, which is what the appeal was. If the shirt just had the MFBT slogan on it, I wouldn't have bought it...

Yoda said...

Michele sent me, too...

Great blog, Dude.

I look at myself now and my collection of polo shirts with logos like "Beechcraft" and "BMW" and I wonder what the fuck happened to all my good t-shirts.

What I need is a good polo shirt that says, "Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks". With a BMW logo.


Daughter In Law said...

Ummmm, can I say how much I love that you are an ed admin person who admits this about the shirt. I hope the ones I'm interviewing with next week are into that. Maybe I could borrow you shirt to show them my moral fortitude.

thanks for the visit.