To the Republic for Richard Stands


Here's the two little bastages running rampant in D.C. last month. The O-Dog kept wanting to go to the White House to cut all the elastic off of Geo. Bush's underwear (in an elaborate plot to embarrass him in public).

The Fletch? I think he votes Republican.

One of the little f*ckers deserves a spanking.

* Streaming photos created using Film Loop.


Chatty said...

Ah my hometown. Looks like they had fun!

Michele sent me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the visit Prego...O LOVE the way these photgraphs stream, sort of, sideways...GREAT to be able to see them like this..How do you do that?
Your boys look adorable....I love seeing them in our nation's capital...I hope they enjoyed themselves even though your one by couldn't to the underwear...(LOL)!

Linda said...

So WHICH one gets spanked??? Love the photo stream of the kids enjoying DC!

Michele sent me.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
I decided to start putting this first. This way, if my senior moment kicks in as it is wont to do, it will already be there and I won't have to do a second post.
Yes, what Linda said... which one of the munchkins is going to get it? To the boys: If you know who she is talking about I have one word of advice.... RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! That was four words. I ramble now. Need a nap.

Star said...

To echo everyone else, I love your photo stream. While I abhor violence I am crious as to which one you would spank.Michele sent me.

archshrk said...

I'm here of my own free will.

I would spank both of them. That way, one will feel repromanded and the other will feel oppressed - either way, you win.

Mary Tsao said...

I'm so behind my blogging, but I love this! First, I love that you went on a trip with your kids. Brave man. Also, I love the streaming photos thingamagic. I'm gonna snake that idea. Thanks for the link.

Hope you did something nice for Mother's Day! (You did do something nice for Mother's Day, right??)