Game Face

Nothing is aging me more than having a kid who plays sports. These arrived in the mail yesterday. The O-Dog looks like he's ready to headbutt anyone who looks at him cross-eyed.

My wife frets about the toothy grin. Personally, I like it... at least until I have to pay for braces.


~A~ said...

That's adorable.

Pickalish said...

I cannot even stand how cute he is. OMG, wait until he's in high school....I sure hope you're still blogging then. As for braces, at Simon's 1st visit when he was barely 5, I was told they'd start ortho stuff when he was 9. And his teeth look perfect!! What a racket.

keda said...

sooo gorgeous. nuthin wrong wiv toothy grins. i've got one :#)

ooh and i finally got the music and please please please send me the mp3 of pop music. the thrashlets would LOVE it.

Atul said...

<<< I tried posting this comment before but something wasn't working. >>>

Cute kid. He looks like a confident (but not cocky player). And it's good to see he's continuing the youth soccer movement in the U.S.