"Herman's Head meets Slim Goodbody"

I have pinpointed the precise moment in which the seeds of road rage manifest themselves on my central nervous system. As a reasoning adult, I like to be conscious of the process, lest my primitive impulses attempt a coup d'├Ętat to topple the more rational neurons. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose and I'd have to humbly call my wife to bail me out of the hoosegow, which would in turn cause her primitive impulses to go haywire and begin throwing coffee mugs at me when we get home.

It's a rather simple chain of events that begins when the retina catches sight of an errant driver breaches etiquette. Though the entire process takes seconds, I have broken it down for perusal:

OPTIC NERVE Wha- wha-? Oh sh*t! Hey Brain...
FRONTAL LOBE Ah- Ah- Ah..... Booogie wonder-laaaaand.... Huh?
OPTIC NERVE Hey jackass, there's a car in the way!
FRONTAL LOBE Should I brace for impact?
OPTIC NERVE Naw, nigga! Tap the brakes!
FRONTAL LOBE (To Motor Cortex) D'you wanna field this?
MOTOR CORTEX All right. Yo, spinal cord... Tell the calf muscles to flex a bit. Apparently some a**hole just cut us off.
SPINAL CORD I'm on it. (zap)
MUSCLES What the f*ck...
SPINAL CORD Apply the brakes, quickly!
MUSCLES Where are they?
FRONTAL LOBE Next to the gas pedal! Next to the gas pedal!
MUSCLES Oh yeah.

The muscles propel foot from the gas pedal to the brakes and lightly tap enough to slow the vehicle down enough to allow a**hole driver to merge in front. It is at this exact moment that the other anatomical systems become involved.

FRONTAL LOBE What would an appropriate remark be here? 'F*ck-wad' or 'Jerk?'
OCCIPITAL LOBE The kids are in the car. Ixnay on the uckwad-fay.
FRONTAL LOBE Sh*t. Use 'creep'.
LUNGS (inhale - exhale)
VOCAL FOLDS (Vibrating "muther fffff*******")
FRONTAL LOBE I said use 'creep', dumbass!
VOCAL FOLDS Bug off, man. I'm just doing what the neurotransmitters told me.
FRONTAL LOBE Damn. Did the kids hear?
EAR CANAL (echoes "Daddy, mommy says only dummies swear.")
VOCAL FOLDS (Vibrating "Daddy said 'Mother fudge bucket")
FRONTAL LOBE Good thinking.
VOCAL FOLDS It's the best I could do. I don't see you doing any better.
FRONTAL LOBE F*ck you, man. I've got a lot on my plate here. You know what happens when I freak out... Is it clear?
OPTIC NERVES Yeah, but the bastard just gave us the finger.
FRONTAL LOBE Why did he do that?
MOTOR CORTEX I told the hand to lay on the horn.
FRONTAL LOBE I didn't authorize that!
MOTOR CORTEX You were too busy having a p*ssing contest with the vocal folds.
KIDNEY Oh-oh... Looks like trouble brewin'.
HEART (pump. pump. pump. pump.) Uh-oh. Tense situation. (pump. pump. pump. pump. pump. pump. pump. pump. pump.)
ARTERIES Gang-way!
RED BLOOD CELLS Wheeeeeeeee!
TISSUE Hey. Watch it, bro!
NERVE ENDINGS Yeah. You're making the face tingle.
CAPILLARIES Sorry dudes. Gotta get more oxygenized cells to the brain.
LUNG (excited) Did someone say more oxygen?
STOMACH Yeah. If I get an ulcer, heads are going to roll.
EPINEPHRINES Good idea. Let's kick some ass. Where's that driver? Let's run him off the road.
FRONTAL LOBE Are you crazy? The kids are in the car! (To Optic Nerve) What are they doing?
OPTIC NERVE They're playing with their PowerRangers....
FRONTAL LOBE Awwww... Look at that.... Adrenal, focus buddy... No more epinephrines! Those crazy bastards are going to make me do something rash!
ADRENAL GLAND GRRRRRRNnNNNnnnnnnn... GRrrrrrnnnnph... grrr
FRONTAL LOBE Nobody's going to hurt us or the kids! Good boy. Good Boy.
ADRENAL GLAND HRrrrnnrnrnrnrnrr.. grr.. gzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzz.
FRONTAL LOBE Everything's okay, every one. Resume normal functions.
ADRENAL GLAND zzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzzzz.
NOSE Thank god. If we were to tangle with that troglodyte in the other car, I'm usually the first target.
KNUCKLES I had yo' back, nigga.
FRONTAL LOBE Sure you did....
VOCAL CHORDS (Vibrating "Booogie wonder laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand")
EAR CANAL Change the station!

(Crackle... "You're beautiful... you're beautiful it's trueeeeeeee... I saw your face...")

ADRENAL GLAND GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! GRRRRRRRR.....ooooooowwwwl
EPINEPHRINES James Blunt? Let's go kick his ass.
FRONTAL LOBE Come on, guys. Don't start that sh*t again. (to others) Guys, we need a diversion!
OPTICAL NERVES Whoa! Look at those knockers!
LIBIDO Where? Where?
TESTES Whoo-hooo!
FRONTAL LOBE (I hate this job.)


Miss Cow is a Cow said...

hahaaha that was quite clever. Here via Michele's.

Prego said...

heh. that was quite sincere.

Deana said...

Nothing like a day on the highway to break a brain!

Cute analogy.

Here via Micheles. Have a nice weekend.

surcie said...

Slim Goodbody! Now that's a blast from the past. I had to Google him to see a recent photo.

I'm so impressed with this post, Prego, and amazed that you were able to keep all the "parts" straight.

Have a fun weekend.

archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Actually, I read this earlier (thanks bloglines) but could think of anything clever to leave as a comment. I did think this could usesome more pictures to go with the action. More like a story board than script. But fun none-the-less.

Pearl said...

Lol. That's hilarious. Brilliant scripting of responses.

mar said...

LOL, very creative!!
here via Michele's :)
happy friday!

Dave said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Here from Michele's today.

Marie said...

Oh yeah... amazing all that's going on in that split second! Figured the testes would be involved somehow. LOL!

Hi from Michele's.. and from a short bit down the Thruway.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Here from Michele's again.

KaraMia said...

Ha, somehow I dont' think Testees are involved in MY process...well, not internally anyway..or..er..ok nevermind!

keda said...

again i came on my own.. well with a little help from various bits of brain matter and .. oh shit not gonna help..

my nose is slightly pissed off as it happens. once more its begging my hippocampus to remember not to drink beer when visiting you.

and terrifyingly (and also quite disatrously for my stomach) james blunt came on the telly half way through...
i gotta go do some calming breathing exercises now. dammit.

Carmi said...

So true, on so many cerebellar (?) levels.

You never fail to make me laugh, intelligently. I must re-read this when the kids are all tucked into bed, the house is quiet, and my wife and I are reading in the living room. Ideally, I will have also had a glass of wine to mellow me out.

Jacques Roux said...

funny, I think my body's hardwired a shortcut from the Optic Nerve straight to the Adrenals and Motor Cortex. My Frontal Lobe doesn't even get a word in edgewise anymore.

Nicely down, bro!

Kari said...


Plain Jane said...


glomgold said...

Bonus points for 'hoosegow'!
I got into this huge debate with everyone else at my previous jobsite because they were all trying to convince me I'd heard that James Blunt song before. I finally did when one of them played it for me but c'mon, it's not like I was missing anything.