There are several good discussions that ensue when talking about 'a million dollars.' Whether or not one would continue working, for starters... The more thought provoking "What would the first thing you buy?" invariably follows.

I don't aspire to be filthy rich. To quote the inimitable Del Griffith, "I'm still a million dollars short of being a millionaire." I've also thought the idle rich to be effete a**holes, so I'm comfortable with hovering a few grand over the poverty line. RW Spryszak of Chasing Vincenzo, this week's roundtabler, ponders a life of comfort on his way to 'the slave' (work). Me? I'm more concerned with unyielding power.

Regardless, take a detour and share your thoughts.

As for the answers to the 'millionaire' queries? I did tell my wife I'd continue working, though she suggested I'd work more on my writing and drawing fancies. You know how that goes, though: doodle for about a half hour and spend the afternoon fanning my nuts and watching Serie A soccer on the satellite. I doubt I'd be very industrious.

As for how I'd spend my first dollar (after which I'd officially cease to be a millionaire), I would spend it thusly:

Go down to Latina's Foodland, buy a couple cases of Milyucky's Beast, steal the rustiest shopping cart and spend the afternoon doling out the swill to every f*cking vagrant I meet...

...then go buy a fan for my nuts.


Sophie T. Mishap said...

I would bury my million dollars in a shoebox out back. Then dig it up in the morning and count it all. I would repeat this obsessive compulsive behaviour until one of my selves finally tells me to get help. Then I would spend it all on luxury therapy.

surcie said...

I was with you until the nuts part. Cashews? Filberts? What good would a fan do them?

Um, yeah, I get it.

I just read a big article about how private citizens and businesses have been more successful than government in providing aid to foreign countries, areas hit by Katrina, tsunamis, etc. That's the kind of power I'd want if I were stinkin' rich.