Schmoozing with Bella Rossa

Meet Bella Rossa , a Chicago area blogger who has an "Interview With Bloggers" series. She recently asked me if I'd like to participate, and I was more than happy to oblige. Pay her a visit. She's pretty goddamned cool, goddamnit.


~A~ said...

I can't believe you mentioned that dorkus MacAssbag twice.

And ewwwwww, you so do not want to sleep on his floor. You don't want to know why either.

Great interview dude.

Pickalish said...

That was great, I enjoyed getting a bigger sense of who you might be.

keda said...

ooh ~a~ do tell ;)

great stuff, and yes. though i think we had a pretty good idea already who you might be.
"Are you careful to maintain a clear line between your online self and your real world self?

PREGO: That would suck an unimaginable amount of ass."
very glad that your answer here was exactly what i would expect :)