"Prego Will Be Out of the Office Until...

I' ve been carted off to a "friends-in-law" wedding in Lake Plaid, NY. It's actually a good time so far. I'm on my way to a night of watered-down Manhattans and shitty over-cooked ziti noodles. I just finished the jesus part of the day... the only other thing that could chafe me today is the obnoxious wedding DJ. If I hear the "Electric Slide" tonight, I'm definitely going to have to "crop dust" the dance floor. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's passing gas, then walking around spreading the aroma.

Sunday Afternoon Four-Play tomorrow, so keep the cobbles and panty-hamsters on ice. In the meantime, pop by Sereena's for this week's roundtable - this week's topic, the 'perfect song'. Something I'm not likely to hear tonight at the reception.

Alright, pinches... I'm off to smile politely.


jennypenny said...

Lol. Gotta say I have never heard of "crop dusting" but now that I have it is sure to become part of my everyday venacular... and possibly my wedding repetoire. Nice.

Carmi said...

Nothing good ever happened to me in Lake Placid. Bad memories, man. Like a hangover that lasts forever.

Glad you made it out OK.