Shaddapa You Fa-y-y-yce

Another birthday's come and gone here in the Prego household. The O-Dog's just begun his fifth trip around this wretched planet and we celebrated it in style with the greasiest pizza in Erie County. Here's a picture of the delivery guys. The bastards had the nerve to complain about the meager tip.

Things got a little sour when one of them started in with the "Whatsamatta you" routine.

Fortunately, I was able to appease them with a little spumone and a couple extra lire.


keda said...

gorgeous!! happy birthday o'dog.

~A~ said...

They are so cute.

Happy birthday O'dog! Make your dad give you lotsa cake

tiff said...

Those pictures are hilarious. Heheheh - spumoni and lire - you got off cheap!

rob said...

Fucking, fucking, fucking AWESOME.

Not only did the 'awesome' require caps and intalics...it needed three 'fucking's appended.

I want that shirt, too.