Sunday Evening Four Play! - Volume 9

My friend the Beercan worked at an indie record shop for years. He'd take trade-in CDs in and call us if there was something of interest to any of us.

"I scored you a CD. I don't know if you have it."
"What is it?" I asked.
"It's that Madonna ballads album."
"Oh cool," I said. "I don't have it. I'll come by to pick it up."

That afternoon I stopped into the store to pick up Something to Remember from him.

"You know," he remarks, "you're the only one I know who buys this stuff who's not a 'fella' (gay)."
"Yeah, I figured as much."

I walked out of Home of the Hits knowing that I was the only straight man in the Greater Buffalo Metropolitan Area with the entire Madonna catalogue.

I don't know why, when or how I earned this distinction, but I don't mind it. It got to the point where I'd buy those sh*tty bootleg European singles from the used bin, prompting my friend Marcel to chide, "I can't believe you just spent $4 on a crappy CD just to get another picture of Madonna."

I'll admit, I probably gave the crappy CD one listen, but I think deep down I only got it because of the Beercan's remark - that, and the fact that I'm kind of a completist when it comes to music. In other words, I have to own all the albums of bands I really like.

I found out I'm not alone. Months later, Midge came up in a conversation where my friend Clark admitted that he was also quite the fan. This was rather surprising, since Clark was a fixture in several garage-y type Buffalo bands like the Splat Cats and Doombuggy. He and his wife Tina mentioned that they belong to the "M.U.D. Club."

"Mud club? What's that?" I ask.
"Madonna's Underground Devotees."
"Ah. Count me in."

It's easy to love Midge, just as it is, apparently, to hold her in disdain. She's brash, has a big ego, likes to push people's buttons, shows them big ol' Madonna t*tties proudly and adopts African kids.

Frankly I could give a flying rat f*ck who she adopts or why. Hell. Some kid growing up in a sh*thole essentially just won the lottery. I'd feel bad for him if he had to grow up with Oprah or Mia Farrow or something.

The music? Yeah, there's the occasional clunker, but on the whole... sh*t. She's been around for twenty years for a reason. When the Club Karaoke was the hot-spot for us, yours truly regularly warbled selections from Midge's works, like La Isla Bonita and Borderline -- much to the amusement of my friends and the chagrin of the emcee.

"Um, Prego... perhaps next time you can pick something in your vocal range."

Here is a small selection of some of the rarer tracks along with Crazy for You. I had to include that one, because honestly I think that's where it began. Watching the classic Matthew Modine film Vision Quest, I caught a glimpse of Madonna briefly on screen - 'it' shifted in my underwear while I thought, "Who's that?"

Enjoy. Perhaps Clark and Tina's M.U.D. Club will gain some new membership.

Hanky Panky mp3
Crazy For You mp3
Another Suitcase in Another Hall mp3 (with Antonio Banderas)
Something to Remember mp3


Moogie said...

I can understand that. I tend to by CDs of musicians/bands I really like as well. I'm the same way about authors.

BTW..Michele sent me. Have a wonderful evening!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Long Time No See, Prego! Michele sent me today...All I can say is, I'm HAPPY FOR YOU! Enjoy anything and everytning you can...It's what makes life more liaveable and more fun, too!

surcie said...

Can't say I'm a Madonna devotee, but I've always liked "Borderline" and the video.

Fella = gay? Never heard that one before. Wonder if that's more a regional thing?

(Michele sent me today.)

keda said...

you just made me smile conspiritorily.

i've been a big fan too since i first saw her on top of the pops singing lucky star. and still am.

i'm not so good at getting all the cd's though, and had never heard 'another suitcase in the hall'. what a treat. thank you.

madge will always take me back to living with my bestist friend in london. sigh.. also singing at the top of our voices! good times. and i still look forward to each new song.

can i be in m.u.d.? can i please??

Carrie said...

How intriguing of you Prego!

I love Madonna and always will.

Prego said...


you've got my endorsement... as do the girls.

the beige one said...

Don't go for second best, baby
Put your love to the test
You know, you know you've got to
Make him express how he feels
And maybe then you'll know your love is real

Express yourself (you've got to make him)
Express himself (HEY HEY HEY HEY)

So if you want it right now
Make him show you how
Express what he's got
Baby, ready or not

(Prego, I hope you're proud of yourself. sinverguenza.)

the beige one said...

PS, bub, send me an email when you get the chance, it can be found via my profile, I believe.

glomgold said...

Madonna is known as 'Midge'??
Regarding the completist thing, I am a recovering one. Sometimes that one last god-awful album by a once proud band is enough to snap a consumer to his senses. I feel like I might fall of the wagon at any moment though.

Prego said...

I know people have been calling her Madge. I just like to go against the grain.