The Saga Continues...

It looks like I'm getting a couple weeks to atone for my transgressions (even though my opponent and I 'kissed' and made up. I like the use of the word "crime" in my captain's e-mail, though.

Oh, well. Time to find a couple friendly "pick up" games over the next couple weeks. What's funny is that Sunday morning, my good friend and hockey mentor Bill and I found ourselves on opposite teams during our weekly "pick up" game. Going after the same puck, he gives me a stiff forearm across the chest, sending me flying to the ice.

"You're not gooning me, pal."

I've been humbled.

From: E
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 9:11 AM
To: F (Warriors) (E-mail)
Subject: Hockey
Importance: High

Just making sure you know that Prego received a fighting misconduct at last game which means he must sit the next (2) games. That is the minimum suspension time for fighting.


From: F
Subject: RE: Hockey
Date: December 4, 2006 2:40:41 PM EST
To: e
E, I would like to formally appeal this suspension. Although Prego was wrong in throwing the first punch it does take 2 to tango and the opposing player is just as guilty as Prego and should be forced to sit at least a game. I mean Bryan K threw 2 punches after the refs jumped in and the only explanation I got from the refs for not throwing him out was “What would you do if you were punched?”

Prego should not have thrown a punch but far worse had been done in this game with no whistles. Slew footing behind the play, boarding, 2 handed slashes and charging to name a few.
Either way he was wrong and should have been thrown out. I am not going to make a big deal about last game but the officiating was as bad as it ever was both ways. They had no control over this game whatsoever and someone could have been seriously injured. The league needs to address both refs involved and have a talk with them. They were terrible.

Please let me know what we can do in regards to the appeal. Prego’s punishment is far worse than the crime.

Thank You,



pickalish said...

And who said men weren't drama queens?! =)

keda said...

what pickalish said.

:) heehee.

Carrie said...


Jacques Roux said...

Hey bro, I am itching for a (legal) fight and less than 6 hours drive away. You need only say the word, and I'll be there. Hey, I gotta do something with my time while on semester break, and my righteous indignation is always flared when a person's civil liberties and right to due process trampled in such a brazen way...

Give 'em hell, Prego!