O-Dog, the Fletchmonster and Arborcide

The boys and I took a walk to the Lexington General Store around the corner, to haul home a Douglas Fir for the holiday season. Part of the charm of living where we live is that we can take a short stroll with the Radio Flyer wagon and haul back anything from a couple of pizzas to a snowboard or a chainsaw. In this case, all we needed was the tree and a half-gallon of milk.

After we got the dead tree home, O-Dog had to leave for yet another birthday party, leaving the Fletchmonster and I to "hang like gentlemen" at home. He took it a bit better than he did last week, and spent the evening entertaining me on the piano while I stood the tree up and put the lights on.

The scope and breadth of the average two year-old's experiences were glaringly evident, as the Fletchmonster announced "This one's called, "I Gotta Go Poopee and Pee-Pee," before he starts pounding on the ivories.

Once the tree and lights were set up, we waited for the O-Dog to come home to help with the ornaments, lets we cause a meltdown of the "I wanted to help with the ornaments!" persuasion. Basically, neither of the boys showed any interest, once the Batman & Robin ornaments were in place, leaving Mrs. P and I to do the bulk of the work.

You'll notice I took care to ensure that my favourite ornament, Oscar the Grouch, was placed prominently at approximate eye level. I do base my life on his teachings, you know.


~A~ said...

Please please please tell me you didn't just throw some lights up on that tree? Or used net lights. Say it's like a bad camera angle and that's not wire but some odd east coast tinsel.

Otherwise, I'm going to have some serious issues with that poor tree.

Such a good thing that the kid cuteness distracts me or I would be having tree light seizures.

keda said...

love the pics. especially the one with the wagon!

call me an old grouch but it seems so early to me for putting up christmas trees.
or maybe i'm just putting it off due to the deadly fear i have of the spiders who have taken up residence in our live trees that live on our balcony. i'm too scared to bring them in and decorate them.

Prego said...

Yeah... those are lights. They started making this cool sh*t in Niagara Falls called electricity or something...

We buried the cables and lights a bit so our epileptic friends wouldn't drool all over the floor.

Carrie said...

Great photos! I love it. I still haven't got around to putting up a tree.

Sophie T. Mishap said...

Nice Oscar face! I like him because he's always got the best lines.

angela marie said...

The wagon picture is awesome, but it does look like he is pulling a carcass. LOL!

Atul said...

"Arborcide". Great term, better than any swear word. I'll have to start using that and it inspired me to come up with "Animalicide". As a vegetarian, I'll just start calling myself and "Anti-animalicidist".

On a sidenote, (to you and the other commenters), how did you get such a fan base of lovely young women to consistently comment on your blog?

yellojkt said...

Hauling a tree in a wagom is very cool. What fun!