Enough to Make Deney Terrio Cringe

I'm not going to belabour the demise of Saddam Hussein with yet another insignificant opinion. Dude's dead. War still rages.

What I want to know is what gives with that goofy-*ss dance some Iraqis were doing in the streets? Alternately stepping side to side while pointing up in the air is a rather silly looking jig to perform when the bane of your existence dangles on the gallows. It makes you look like a retarded stunt double on The Smurfs.

No Dutty Wine? No jooba? Not even a "cabbage patch"?! It makes me wonder if Saddam had killed all choreographers during his reign.

Sh*t.... Even the Ickey Shuffle has more panache. Iraqis should be ashamed.


Carrie said...

I've been avoiding all the news about it. And that is a hard task my friend. But now I want to see the dance.

archshrk said...

I missed all the dancing too but your graphic captures the mod very well. Thanks for sharing the first relevant opinion on the whole matter.

Oracle said...

Gotta say I missed the dancin as well but I shall look out for it I did watch the video though oooh what a mistake !!!

Here via Michele ;)