As much as I can't stand Sting, he was right about one thing: don't stand so close to me.

In that spirit, Sereena hosts the roundtable this week. Her topic? Crowded elevators, people steppin' up on yo' grill and phobic metatarsals.


sage said...

That song goes together with Gary Puckett and the Union Gaps, "Young Girl." They both like the girl, they just wnat her to grow up quickly and become legal. Then she can stand next to Sting.

Carmi said...

I was always a Dream of the Blue Turtles kind of guy. But, yes, I always appreciated the perspective of this tune. When I lived in Montreal and took the Metro to work, I used to sit in the corner and give everyone who approached the evil eye.

Yup, that's me: nasty transit-riding anti-socialite.