Bouche de Toilette

"Son of Beech. Sheeet."

Such was the response of some non-descript immigrant to Russell Ziskey in Stripes. An entire classload of English Language Learners duly replied in unison:

"Son of Beech. Sheeet."

Those of you who might have seen the film know that the lesson culminated in Zisky teaching them to sing "Da Doo Run-Run." That'd come in handy anywhere.

Steph Waller, the Incurable Insomniac hosts this week's , paying homage to some choice colloquialisms around the world. This topic strikes close to home. When I moved here in 1984 from Venezuela, the first thing everybody wanted me to teach them was how to swear in Spanish.

I kept trying to explain that there is no equivalent for "f*ck" in the language... at least no direct translation. At the same time, I couldn't find the equivalent for "Coño de tu madre" in English, either. Languages are unique in their nuances and humour. Perhaps that's why I am unable to use my favourite of my mom's many refranes, "Maracucho pendejo muere chiquito," in conversation.

Pay the Insomniac a visit for some other worldly catchphrases.

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