Pucks, Pads and Piss

The O-Dog had his debut as a goalkeeper for his team today -- a daunting task for a novice skater. The poor little bastard could barely stand up with the goalie pads strapped on. In a rush to get him dressed on time, I forgot to take the last trip to the facilities with him to empty the bladder.

Every three or four games I forget this bit of rink 'housekeeping'. The O-Dog usually skates off the ice, and I rush him to the john to undo the cumbersome equipment and let him take his leak. There was no such respite to be had today.

Short of leaving the goal crease empty, there was not much we could do.

Though it looks like he's giving the "icing" signal, he's actually trying to get his coach's attention. Unfortunately, he'd have to wait. I managed to capture the conversation between the O-Dog and his coach.

Needless to say, he solved his problem on his own before the end of the game, as the coach skates with him to center ice to shake hands with the other team:

"Well, at least he doesn't have to go anymore."

... and he won, 6-5.


surcie said...

Poor kid. But it sounds like he played great! I'm sure all the hockey greats wet themselves at one time or another.

Maryanne said...

How damn cute is that, I don't care if you're proud, I'm proud enough for both of us. Wish I had a little goal keeper. Thanks for stopping by and giving me you digs on the first amen. By the by, your hos don't look so good tonite. I just got called home from a friends house as a result. Seems my better half thinks I have to be where I was during the first game in order for them to win. God I do love this game called hockey. Tell little prego to quite the juice and just go before he picks up his stick, he'll get in the habit.Toodles, Maryanne

Carrie said...

Oh how cute.

sage said...

A cute story--I hope he's not carrying a scar forever--neat pictures and on being a goalie, wow

keda said...

poor widdly bugger ;)

Sophie T. Mishap said...

You are totally going to tell this story to his first girlfriend.

Mary Tsao said...

I thought all hockey players relieved themselves that way. Seems to me he's destined for greatness. Greatness!