Word Whammer, Indeed.

Mrs. P bought the Fletchmonster this LeapFrog® jibber today. We had one of the 'fridge-front' ones a couple of years ago, but the dog chewed up all of the consonants. (Vowels are presumably less tasty.) That one just sounded out the letters -- this new, 'improved' version helps with word recognition for three-letter words.

Mrs. P: Fletchy, why don't you show your daddy what I got you?

The Fletchmonster pulls his toy out and hits the button.

Word Whammer: Let's spell a word. W-A-R. War.

(Mrs. P and I exchange glances.)

Prego: What? Was this f*cking toy designed by Republicans?
Mrs. P: I didn't like that word.

Not that this necessarily warrants a boycott of LeapFrog® products, but you'd think they might have programmed it to start off with "FUN" or some sh*t.


archshrk said...

Remember that Cat is a foundational word which can be used for bigger words like CATalyst and CATastrophe. Likewise, war is part of a bigger word like WARrior and WARdrobe.

Prego said...

... and WARden, in case he ever goes to prison.

Carrie said...

War? You've got to be kidding.

~A~ said...

I'm so buying that just because it says war. And no, I'm not a Republican. But yes, I know how to blow shit up n stuff. Even got to hang out with SF guys for a week to learn how to do it right. ;)

That's so funny.