Iron Tyke

The O-Dog and the Fletchmonster are on that "superhero" kick that lasts between ages... oh, two to six or seven. I was hoping to avoid it, but my sister and her kids weren't. A couple visits to Canada and a coustume or two later and it's Dark Knight this and Spider that.

It's not that big a deal, actually. At least the $25-30 costumes they get for Halloween get 360 days usage.

The Fletch has recently invented a new kind of hero.

His uncle came to visit recently to join us for dinner. As he enters the living room he quickly picks up the O-Dog to tickle him and roughhouse. The O-Dog, laughs hysterically, yelling "Fletch. Save me. SAVE ME." At which point the Fletch lunges for my brother's legs.

I leave my brother to his own devices as I go upstairs to get the boys' socks and a couple of clean shirts.

When I come downstairs five minutes later, they're all sitting on the couch calmly watching TV. My brother casually asks me, "Fletch likes to defend his brother, doesn't he?"

"Yeah," I reply. "They like to fight 'bad guys' and all that superhero crap."

"Because the little f*cker bit me."

The Chomper?

Now that's my kind of hero.


~A~ said...

Uncles make the best villains. But my kids don't have theirs anymore. (yes I must take pot shots anywhere I can).

Elf is the one that usually comes to the rescue but instead of biting he usually goes for running head first in to the man nuggets.

archshrk said...

Can't wait to see what my kid will do.

Carrie said...

Go Fletch!

Bella Rossa said...

Sometimes a quick chomp can say things words never could.