Cover Boys

A while ago, I wrote a post about the O-Dog designing his own t-shirt and subsequently received rave reviews, including a kind request for a shirt from Rob of Fuquad! fame. I sent him one, of course, proud of my little man's work and happy to oblige anybody who takes an interest in it. I guess it's the way the mind of an artist works.

"You like it? Here. It's yours!"

"Gee. Thanks, Mr. Van Gogh. Are you sure you're not going to need this ear?"

I had no idea that the O-Dog's shirt would end up gracing the cover of a national publication.

Thanks to Rob for having a keen fashion sense, and for appreciating my son's work. Also, good luck to Jacques Roux on his future endeavors.


Mamacita said...

The shirt is fantastic!

Greetings from Michele's, by the way.

Grins said...

First of all the child is adorable. More than adorable, pinchable by women everywhere.

Secondly, the magazine cover is funny. You made me chuckle after a really long week.

And thirdly, psst Michele said hello.

KR said...

your son and his t-shirt are adorable...when is he opening his new store front? hehe....
by the way im here via michele

~A~ said...

I guess I'll claim him.

Yep, that's my brother.

He told me that he had the picture and was going to email it to me but the retard never sent it.

Why does the buttwad do that?

I have a feeling another Rob story must be told.

And I'm here because you said to check out the picture, not Michele.

rob said...

First of all, I'm adorable. More than adorable. pinchable by women everywhere.

Secondly, the magazine cover is brilliant! You made me chuckle after a really long seven years.

And thirdly, I'm still adorable.



Post - Shut up, sis! I'll send you the spread when I'm good and ready!

Post Post - She can, like, kill me with her naval lint so I'ma send that shit along tut de suite.

Mike said...

That is just cool. How soon till we will be seeing the shirt in all the stores??/

surcie said...

Dude! That is freakin' cool.

Jacques Roux said...

Hey Prego, thanks for the nod and well wishes. O-Dog's shirt IS the bomb, and I was quite concerned whether Rob and I would get a chance to take it out on the town 'ere I departed. Thankfully, we did. Like 3 days before I headed out.

Tell that kid he's got talent and a kick ass Dad. I'm sure he already knows...

Plain Jane said...

Funny shirt, lovely tongue action!