Saturday Night Four Play! - Volume 3

Here in Western New York we're a little privy to Canadian music, in large part because our radios receive their stations and their CANCON rule. I have, therefore, a long standing joke that the U.S. should cut off export of guitars to Canada, lest we be subjected to another Kim Mitchell or Barenaked Ladies recording... but sometimes guitars get in the hands of the right Canucks.

This week's Four Play features a band I consider one of Canada's finest. No, not Rush, but Halifax's Sloan. Have you ever heard a particular song by a particular band and gone, "Who the #$*& is this?" but in a good way?

...and then remember that exact moment whenever you hear them?

For me, I'll always remember when my a**hole friend put a cassette in my 1988 Nissan POS and said, "Here. Check this out," as we drove out to hunt down honeys in 5' of snow.

Ethereal powerpop in it's purest form, ladies and gents. Three original numbers and one tasty cover song. Enjoy.

I Am the Cancer
I Can't Let Go


jennypenny said...

Canadian music freaking rocks. What stations do you like.. cuz i am a total music junkie and am on the Canadian side of your radius (as you know). I am actually headed for a little shopping trip to Walden Galleria next week. Woohooo!! Agree with you 100% on the lame-o Kim Mitchell.. however BNL do have a time and place. And yes, Sloan kicks ass. I have gotten to see them a number of times live but its been years since I have paid any attention to them. You have sent me on a hunt!!

Courtney said...

Sloan are amazing. Between the Bridges is one of the best albums I've ever heard. One of the few albums I've purchased on a blind recommendation from a friend without having heard a single track.

Sophie T. Mishap said...

I'm partial to the Canadians now that I quit working for them and moved way over to the other fracking side of the universe.

Feist? I like. Neko Case? Yeah she's neat. Red House Painters & Sun Kil Moon? AWE.SOME. Sloan are pretty tasty too.

What I really, really like about Canadians is they will come to places like Rochester, NY when most American bands can't be bothered.