Saturday Night Four Play! - Volume 4

Though I have no compunction in digitally siphoning music, (I have over 1,200 store bought CDs and a plethora of vinyl) I do find a bit of a moral dilemma if the musician/band are still active or have a pulse... Therefore, this week's featured artist is an inactive one with no pulse.

Freshly deceased Arthur Lee of Love referred to himself as the 'first black hippie', but don't hold that against him. (The fact that he thought of himself as a hippie, not the fact that he was black... I don't suppose anybody's dumb enough to hold blackness against anyone)/ Anyhow, I thought I'd give a nod his way. After having Forever Changes on the CD changer for a month or so, my wife finally asked "Who is this?" That usually means she likes it, otherwise she'd ask "What the #%** is this?" instead.

Not that a ringing endorsement from Mrs. P. warrants the glare of the Four Play! spotlight, but what the heck. It should account for something, given her layman's ear for tuneage.

Pleasant and palatable psychedelia with lofty vocals.... Ahhh. I can smell the incense burnin'.

Here, then, are four tracks from Love and the late-great Arthur Lee.


Alone Again Or
Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale
Little Red Book


jennypenny said...

Very enjoyable! Great tunes!! I waved at you as I drove through Buffallo the other day. Although, I got a little lost and ended up in some sketchy area.. I was like "Prego will save me!!" Luckily it didnt come to that. Happy weekend!

Valbee said...

Alone Again Or is my cell phone ringer. I love that song.

~A~ said...

Good picks dude.

But I've been subjected to pre-teen tunes the last 24 hours.

No wonder my head hurts. I should have stopped here sooner.

keda said...

fabulous tracks babe.

i like maybe... the buttlets liked my little red book.

lovely. i see more downloading in my future.

Meghan said...

I see an itunes download in my future. Thanks for the rec.