Dreaming of a White Halloween

Snow days f*cking rule if you're a teacher. You get a short but much needed respite from the urchins. Usually we get thrown one or two during the mid-winter jicker, but the gods of winter decided to give us a surprise reach around.

Usually the "snow day" routine is to wake up at 5 am on a snowy morning in February, turn on the news, wipe the rice krispies out of the corner of your eyes in hopes of seeing your school on the news.

Most of the time we get just a teasin':


That usually gets a resounding "Faaaaaaaaaaahkkkk!"

The school district actually called us last night and gave us the heads up, though. We got to sleep in here at the Prego household. That is until the in-laws called us up at 7am and the Fletchmonster woke up. Oh well... At least I get back to back "three day weekends."

Ordinarily we brush off a two foot snowfall without batting an eye, but since the trees still had most of their leaves on them branches were snappin' off all around town. In the process, cars were damaged, power lines were yanked and the morning drive was made quite treacherous.

Here's a few snapshots of my neighborhood this morning. I'll start off with a picture of an ominous Red Cross billboard that's been up for a couple weeks:

Something tells me this f*cker didn't go to work either:


A couple of barflies presumably walked home:



So much for a cozy sidewalk cafè table at Le Metro Bistro & Bakery:


This branch spanned our street, thus cutting off traffic.


I like this f*cker's appropriately emblazoned sweatshirt.


Elmwood Avenue is usually bustling at 9 am.



Here's one of the Prego family sh*twagons:


And some unfortunate soul's ride:


And here's your hero bringing home some emergency supplies from the local gas station.


Stay warm, pinches.


utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Prego.

I used to live up by Lake Placid and went to college to the East of you nearr Rochester, Prego. I remember snow like that. But I don't feel any nostalgia about it. LOL

Great pictures to see from a distance, Prego. Stay warm!

mar said...

Utenzi did spread the word about your pics so I came over. Can't wait for our ski vacation over Xmas, we don't get any snow here in Barcelona, Spain and if we do, it is like just a tiny bit. Nice pics! Think snow, I want to go skiing!! :)

Nikki-ann said...

We rarely get much snow in the UK, certainly nowhere near as much as you lot get. It's a pity, because I love snow!

Here from Michele's :) Have a good weekend and enjoy that snow!

queen of light and joy said...

I'm like, where the heck do you live? That snow is insane! I live in northern ontario and we don't even have snow yet, although I think the permafrost from last year is still hard.

sage said...

wow, you really got hit hard. Is Ellicottville getting ready to open for the season? We got only 8 inches in Michigan.

Carrie said...

Wow! That is fantastic. I guess I should stop b*tching about 44 degree weather. It is funny around here. We will get pounded by snow but it will all melt the next day. If the snow even slightly covers the street...school is out. Thank goodness that we can't drive in that sh*t.

Shephard said...

I love the photo of the town street with the aluminum-grey sky... it's like a giant tephlon cookie sheet. Amazing. Great shot.
Thanks for visiting earlier (made me snicker).
Here from Michele's.

alex said...

This made me cold.

Definately never get snow in South Australia. Good thing Im cold blooded. Here via Michele's today, Prego.

shpprgrl said...

Congrats on your snow day! A surprise day away from the kidderoos is always a good one. We don't have snow days, but I wish we did! ;)

Beanhead said...

Wow I am so glad I live in Florida. I am not big on snow. Here from Michele's

rashbre said...

Wow - it just seems so early to have snow like that. With autumnal leaves still on the trees too!

Pickalish said...

I'm not freaking out about the snow...but more so that that gallon of milk was only $1.99!!! Holy shit! It's $3.29 here. I'm sure we'll be trick or treating in our snow boots this year, too...life in the Rockies.

~A~ said...


What happened to El Nino and the warm and mild winter we're going to have?


Have fun with the kiddos.

keda said...


i'm stting here shivering. its nowhere near snow weather here yet either. but i'm still refusing to put the bloomin ridiculously expensive heating on so we'll be in layers and legwarmers till november unless it snows here too.

you did just make me colder though and begin considering...

glad you got some time off though. and the kids love it so i guess you're having a blast.

Atul said...

Dreaming of a White Halloween is hilarious. Just make sure your kids don't get stranded in the snow while trick or treating.

As for the pictures... wow. I think it's global warming that's keeping Lake Erie unfrozen longer and dumping the usual 2-4 ft of snow you seem to have gotten repeatedly over the last few years although in this case it's only October!

In Detroit, we got our earliest recorded snowfall ever, a hefty 0.2 inches. It did look like winter for a few minutes.

Melany aka Supermom said...

My goodness! Great pics, especially for this African that never sees snow

Moogie said...

Holy smokes! I guess I shouldn't tell you it was 80+ degress here today. Something about snow it October is just wrong. :)

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend.

Last Girl On Earth said...

Hey Prego! This is WILD! I'm SOOOOO not ready for cold weather. Can't even imagine what all that snow feels like. Haven't even gotten out the warm woolies yet. Hope you are staying warm. BUNDLE UP!

glomgold said...

Your shitwagon looks like my trusty ol' Sentra. And that butt ugly Mercedes deserves to be buried to spare our precious eyesight.

kim said...

Fab pics- if you hadn't gotten them when you did, well the streets were down to wet pavement by what- noon? :-)

Kevin J. Hosey said...

Living around the corner from you, Prego, I sat here and noted when I went by/saw at least 80 percent of these photos in almost the exact same state.
Val and I never lost power, either, but across the street was out and we hosted my mother until early last night; she lost power in Depew.
But we didn't miss one day of taking Walker Evans on his walks.

Kevin J. Hosey said...

So, did you guys also lose power for a few hours earlier tonight?