Making the Rice

"Making the rice" is an inside joke my friends used for a while based on the lame excuse my friend Jon once used when bailing out of "good times."

"Gee, I'd really like to stick around and drink more beer with you guys, but I have to go put on the rice for Jen."

For months (years) henceforth, whenever he'd decline an invite somebody would inquire, "Making rice?" Eventually it was just shortened to, "Rice."

This week's roundtable, hosted by badass Atul takes a look at ridiculously "convenient" kitchen gadgets. When you stir the pancake batter, do you plug in the wooden spoon? Do you use an electric jar opener? When Jon 'makes the rice', does he use one of these?

Pop by "Things I've Noticed" and fess up. What kind of sh*tty gadget do you plug in to make yo'self some chitlins?

By the way, we just got dumped on by Jack Frost here in Western New York. More on that later. In the meanwhile:

Q: How do you turn your dishwasher into a snow thrower?
A: Click here.


utenzi said...

Hey, Prego. I saw the news on the Buffalo snowfall and hope that you're "weathering" out the situation well.

Carrie said...

Oh, I know you didn't just say that was your dishwasher.

glomgold said...

Hey hey, can't knock the rice cooker. It's a staple for 1/4 of the world! I thought I'd come up with some lame excuses before but that rice one is the best I've heard in a long time!