Highbrow, Lowbrow and the Unibrow

I once read that if you lost your passport in a foreign country, the US Consul would ask you some questions to see if you were 'legit'. No, they didn't ask you stuff like "Who ran against Harry Truman for the presidency?" "Explain the concept of Manifest Destiny," or ask you to sing the third-verse of the 'Star Spangled Banner.'

Their litmus test?

"M&Ms melt in your mouth..."

You'd better be prepared to answer, "not in your hands," unless you're looking to share a cell with a Randy Quaid-ish guy from Iowa somewhere in Ankara, waiting for your loved one to throw you a glimpse of the A-cups through some smeared glass.

Josephus hosts the roundtable this week, waxing nostalgic about pop-culture touchstones. What gripping moments in pop culture give you goose flesh? Was it Paul Westerberg's screaming intro to "Bastards of Young"? Was it Archie Bunker's anguishing loss of Edith? Or was it when Daniel-son did that crane move against Johnny in his final showdown?

What moment in pop culture was poignant for you? I hope to god it wasn't when Greg resolved his orange hair dilemma.

Stop by Pop Icon Joe Wack's Hairshirt blog and share your thoughts.


Meghan said...

That was cathartic. Also, I am a huge sap. Thanks for the heads up!

Carrie said...

Can I sing?

"Sometimes you feel like a nut..."

"My bologna has a first name..."

"I don't want to grow up, I'm a..."

sage said...

gee, that question works if you're an old fart, but I haven't heard that M&M commerical in decades